About us

The history of our company

NOACK Deutschland GmbH was founded in 1986 by Klaus Stückenschneider and a Swiss partner. The idea was to build up an international trading business with feed additives and pharmaceutical raw materials. After a handful of years, the company’s focus shifted to the sale and distribution of specialty raw materials and additives with direct links to manufacturing companies. At this point, Klaus Stückenschneider also became the sole shareholder.

Our company headquarters are located in Warendorf in the heart of the beautiful Münsterland region, Germany. And from here we act as an exclusive or semi-exclusive distributor in the European animal feed sector for our global network of manufacturers.


The focus is primarily on specialty products with function – in particular highly digestible raw materials and feed supplements with added value, health-promoting phytobiotics, target-oriented acid mixtures and effective hygiene products with high user and environmental friendliness.

In mid-2011, Michael Stückenschneider and Sandra Heermann (born Stückenschneider), the next generation, joined the family business and took over the management of the company on April 1, 2014. With the new know-how and the continuous expansion of our partner network, we can now provide you with even more individual support and, in addition to products that have been tried and tested over many years, we are always presenting you with innovative alternatives with future potential.

Our heart and soul: innovative feeding with high efficiency

The changes in animal farming and feeding demanded by politicians, retailers, NGOs and consumers require new strategies accepted by the public. We provide feed manufacturers with effective concepts based on highly digestible raw materials, innovative fiber strategies and a system of combinable acid products and phytogenic extracts for prophylaxis. These concepts enable a reduction in medication and can be adapted to different risk profiles and economic conditions.

Our primary focus is on nutrient efficiency, metabolic relief and health promotion in young animal rearing. Age-appropriate development of the intestinal and immune system is the precondition for high feed efficiency in adult animals. This is a vital contribution to environmentally friendly, resource-conserving and socially acceptable modern animal farming.

Apart from providing you with products of the highest quality, our aim is to support you individually with our personal advice in establishing optimized feeding and health strategies as well as future-proof unique selling points.