Acidic products

Standard acid mixtures for basic protection are just as important as individual solutions for preservation, disease prevention or nutrient supplementation of feed and drinking water.

For our liquid and dry NOSICID products, we make targeted use of organic acids and medium-chain fatty acids that have been tried and tested in animal farming. Many products are also available as non-corrosive variants (NC) or in combination with phytogenes (e.g. polyphenols).

Available as private label!

General protection


Premix with formic acid, lactic acid and sodium benzoate

    • for high feed hygiene and salmonella prevention
    • optimal digestion
    • urinary acidification



Supplementary feed with an acid complex designed for young animals

    • ideal acidification of the feed mash
    • improved protein digestion
    • provides highly available, acidic calcium


Liquid feed supplement with buffered acid complex for salmonella prophylaxis

    • for safeguarding liquid feed and moisture-rich by-products
    • contains formic, propionic, sorbic and benzoic acid
    • inhibits a broad spectrum of microorganisms



Liquid feed supplement with acids and essential oils

    • specially developed for use in drinking water
    • for the prophylaxis of enterobacteria such as E.coli and salmonella
    • improves intestinal health

Inhibition of gram-positive bacteria



Feed supplement with lauric acid and monolaurate

    • low dosage due to 95% active MCFA
    • promotes a positive and balanced intestinal flora
    • ideal results in combination with pH-active acids



Liquid single feed, concentrated monoglycerol esters of medium-chain fatty acids from palm fat

    • esterified fatty acids C8/C10/C12, gastro-stable, active in the small intestine and odorless
    • inhibits gram-positive pathogens and enveloped viruses
    • supports a balanced intestinal flora and better performance

Intestinal stabilization during periods of stress

NOSICID TopAcid Plus


Feed supplement with organic acids, medium-chain fatty acids and phytogenic extracts

    • recommended for piglet and chick rearing and during stress phases
    • improves feed hygiene and reduces buffer capacity
    • essential oils prevent respiratory and intestinal problems

Phyto C12


Feed supplement with concentrated essential oils and C12/monolaurate

    • medium-chain fatty acids inhibit gram-positive bacteria and enveloped viruses
    • phytogenes act as natural inhibitors of harmful microorganisms
    • supports the respiratory tract and stimulates the appetite, stabilizes intestinal healtht

Feed & grain preservation

NOSICID GrainProtect NC


Liquid feed supplement with buffered propionic acid and sorbic acid

    • for preserving grain and animal feed
    • improves hygiene and storability

NOSICID MouldProtect NC


Liquid feed supplement with buffered propionic acid and benzoic acid

    • for mold/yeast prophylaxis of grain and animal feed
    • improves the storability of packaged animal feed
    • stabilizes animal and vegetable by-products


Liquid feed supplement with propionic acid, formic acid and benzoic acid

    • for stabilizing liquid feed and liquid by-products
    • suitable for the prophylaxis of yeasts and clostridia
    • recommended for CCM, maize silage, by-products and freshly harvested grain


Premix of organic acids and sodium benzoate

    • for the fermentation of liquid feed
    • effective prophylaxis of incorrect fermentation caused by harmful bacteria
    • also prevents salmonella and clostridia


Premix with potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and calcium propionate to stabilize mixed rations

    • prevents reheating and microbial nutrient losses in the TMR
    • prevents flavor deviations
    • ensures high feed intake