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Disinfection & hygiene

For biosafety concepts on farms and especially in animal farming, universally applicable broad-spectrum disinfectants with virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effects are ideal.

ECOCID® S offers all the fundamental characteristics of such a disinfectant demanded by hygiene experts. These include easy handling, maximum environmental compatibility and universal suitability for surfaces, objects, equipment, room air, feeding and drinking water systems. Of course, ECOCID® S is DVG-listed and meets all the special requirements of the disease insurance companies.

The completely natural bedding powder NOASORB also makes an important contribution to stable hygiene and animal health. The physical binding of moisture and nitrogen compounds such as ammonia inhibits the spread and multiplication of microorganisms and improves the climate in the barn.

Disinfection & hygiene

Ecocid® S


Universal highly active broad-spectrum disinfectant

    • protects against pathogens of dangerous infectious diseases
    • may also be used permanently in drinking water and as a claw bath
    • friendly to the environment and user, over 90% biodegradable



Bedding powder for stall hygiene and natural disinfection

    • creates a natural level of hygiene
    • reduces the risk of slipping, resulting in fewer abrasions
    • prevents hoof and claw diseases