Phytogenes & polyphenols

Phytogenic extracts from established medicinal plants have been used prophylactically and curatively in human medicine for centuries. Their positive effects on general animal health, resistance and performance are also clearly visible in stalls.

Direct antibacterial and antiviral effects, balancing effects on the immune system and inflammatory processes as well as beneficial influences on the morphology of the intestinal wall and the intestinal flora have been proven. Specific natural polyphenols can sustainably improve the antioxidant status of animals in various stress situations (e.g. heat, infections, inflammation) and improve the biological availability of vitamins E and C.

The targeted combination of herbal extracts, essential oils and antioxidant polyphenols with prebiotics or acid components can achieve a practice-oriented stabilization of intestinal health and animal performance.

Phytogenes & polyphenols



Feed supplement with specifically selected herbal extracts and essential oils

    • antibacterial, antiviral and digestive
    • supports the respiratory tract
    • expectorant and soothing
    • available as a powder or liquid for use in drinking water

Cabanin CSD


Patented premix of concentrated plant polyphenols with performance-enhancing activity

    • prevents oxidative stress caused by infections, inflammation or heat
    • stabilizes feed intake and promotes a positive intestinal flora
    • can replace the antioxidant function of vitamin E & vitamin C



Premix of synergistic plant bioactive substances

    • antimicrobial, postbiotic and anti-inflammatory characteristics
    • promotes eubiosis and supports healthy intestinal development and function
    • increases daily weight gain and improves general resistance


Feed supplement with functional fiber and plant-based bioactive substances

    • promotes healthy intestinal development and improves the consistency of manure
    • prevents weaning diarrhea and losses due to E. coli
    • increases daily weight gain and improves general resistance

ProtectOX DW


Liquid feed supplement with organic acids and plant polyphenols for application in drinking water

    • prevents heat stress
    • increases water and feed intake
    • improves intestinal function

Cabanin Dairy

Polyphenol-rich feed supplement (non-GMO) to optimize protein digestion and prevent oxidative stress

    • Improvement of nitrogen efficiency by inhibition of HAP bacteria in the rumen
    • Savings of 5 g (or 3%) crude protein/kg DMR (DM) per cow/day
    • Reduction of oxidative stress & heat stress and improvement of vitamin E bioavailability