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Energy carriers & extrudates

The breakdown of raw materials through specific conditioning followed by flaking, specialized grinding, or extrusion is particularly suitable for high-fat and high-starch animal feeds such as oilseed meals and grains.

In particular, the pressure-thermal process of extrusion ensures advantageous texture, reduces the content of anti-nutritional factors, thereby significantly increasing digestibility. Solely by adapting the extrusion parameters without chemical additives, a high rumen protection of protein and fat or even feed urea with a slow-release effect can be produced for use in ruminants. Hydrocyanic acid is formed from cyanogenic precursors by endogenous enzymes in linseed. The temperature during extrusion for linseed extrudate or the gentle toasting in the case of full-fat linseed meal deactivates the enzymes.

The energy sources and extrudates we offer meet the demand for high nutrient efficiency and increased sustainability in modern rations

Energy carriers & extrudates

Linseed extrudates


Extruded full-fat non-GMO linseed

    • rich in polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid)
    • highly digestible energy on a starch- or protein-rich carrier
    • promotes fertility, health, and milk production

Rapeseed extrudates


Extruded full-fat non-GMO rapeseed

    • rich in polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid)
    • highly digestible energy on a starch- or protein-rich carrier
    • promotes milk production

Special extrudates


Linseed, rapeseed, and soy extrudates with special functional properties

    • pressure-thermal rumen-protected protein (UDP)
    • complexed rumen-protected natural fat
    • prebiotic fiber, slow-release sugars, or modified urea (without HACCP)



Full-fat linseed meal from brown or golden seeds, European origin

    • highly concentrated source of Omega-3 and activated flax mucilage
    • heat-treated, new innovative three-stage milling process
    • rich in fat, yet good flowability without antioxidants
    • stable for 12 months

Wheat, barley, corn, and oat flakes non-GMO


European origin

    • hydrothermal starch breakdown
    • gently flaked
    • optically pleasing quality