Solutions for horses

Performance and species-appropriate feeding plays a major role for sport and leisure horses. The nutritional requirements and therefore the need for different special raw materials in horse feed vary depending on the breed, husbandry and performance goal.

To ensure high-quality products, we pursue consistent quality control and are in close contact with our suppliers. The majority of our feed is of sustainable, European origin.

The right solution for

The right feeding

Premium raw materials are the cornerstone of horse feeding.

Reliable suppliers are particularly important in times of scarce availability. Together with our partner network, we offer GMO-free, predominantly European standard raw materials and special feedstuffs, e.g. for mash and muesli.

Our customers value our high quality at fair prices.

Please also ask about our fruit juice concentrates for the natural coloring of animal feed.

Grain-free fiber carriers

Our fruit and vegetable pomace offers grain-free and tasty, functional fiber raw materials. The pomace contributes to intestinal comfort and also provides health-promoting secondary plant substances and polyphenols.

» Apple pomace

» Strawberry pomace

» Carrot pomace

» Aronia pomace

» Blackcurrantpomace

» Beetroot pomace

Highly digestible fats

Linseed extrudates based on maize, soy or rapeseed provide valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids do not burden the liver and gently provide energy over a longer period of time under stress.

» Linseed extrudates

» Rapeseed extrudates

Optimum amino acid supply

Thermally treated pulses and protein concentrates from sustainable soy, lupine, field bean or pea provide an almost perfect amino acid profile for horses. Antinutritive factors are eliminated and protein digestibility is optimized through extrusion, flaking or the concentration process.

» ExtruSoy


» Soy flakes

» Lupin flakes

» EPC 72

» FPC 60

Granola components

For visually appealing granola products, we offer flakes made from soybeans, lupins, peas as well as barley, oats and corn. We also offer colorful, aromatic pomace, including apple, chokeberry and beetroot.

» Barley flakes

» Maize flakes

» Pea flakes

» Lupin flakes

» Soy flakes

» Fruit/vegetable pomace

Create performance reserves

The general well-being of the horse is essential for high performance. Yeast/fiber combination products with organically bound trace elements and B vitamins or linseed extrudates with activated mucilage and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to a good gut feeling.

» NOAYeast AF+

» NOAYeast SC

» NOAYeast BH

» Linseed extrudates

Promote intestinal health

Natural plant-based prebiotics, herbs, essential oils and polyphenols support overall gut health and increase resistance and universal stress tolerance.

» Linseed extrudates

» Rapeseed extrudates

» Carob flour

» NoxiFerm

» Cabanin CSD

The Egusin concept

The Egusin supplementary feeds are a coordinated three-stage feeding system (acute, training, everyday) for sustainable support of optimal gastrointestinal function and the general health of horses and foals.

» Egusin SLH

» Egusin 250

» Egusin Gastric365


Create performance reserves / prevent stress

Many sport and performance horses, but also a large proportion of leisure horses, react to various stress factors with stomach and intestinal disorders.

A holistic approach using functional feed offers long-term advantages over a purely medicinal approach and stabilizes the horse’s well-being and willingness to perform in the long term.

We recommend Egusin – for a positive gut feeling!

Everyday challenges

Throughout the year, it is important to protect horses and foals in particular from respiratory diseases, colic, watery stools, diarrhea, hoof problems and inflammatory skin changes.

A risk-oriented hygiene concept for stables, equipment and the feed kitchen should be standard.

Prevent respiratory infections

Our dry and liquid feed supplements with herbs and essential oils help to prevent respiratory diseases. A waiting period of two days before tournaments applies.

» PhytoMix

» PhytoMix TW

Prevent / reduce diarrhea

Our dietary feed supplement combines activated pectins and highly available minerals. Stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance and promotes the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.


Mycotoxin binding and dry bedding

Our 100% natural bedding powder combines algae meal, clay minerals and plant extracts. The dust-free powder acts as a toxin binder, improves the quality of the bedding and thus reduces the risk of slipping.



Feed hygiene and prophylaxis against infectious agents are easy to implement with our user-friendly, biodegradable disinfectant based on active oxygen. All feeding utensils, equipment, stable surfaces and training equipment can be disinfected in an environmentally friendly way. The biocide is also recommended as an effective hoof bath.

» Ecocid S

Natural treats

The 100 % natural treats in the apple/mint and carrot varieties are made exclusively from fresh fruit or fresh vegetables and the respective dried pomace.

Natural glycerine (non-GMO) obtained from vegetable fat is used for stabilization without synthetic preservatives.

» Carrot treat

» Apple/mint treat

The healthy treats

Treats are a popular reward in both everyday life and competition sport.

Our 100% natural treats are

✔ without chemical additives
✔ without extra sugar/starch
✔ without genetic engineering
✔ grain free

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