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For our pet food, we only supply top-quality raw materials from long-standing, trustworthy, mostly European partners.

Our products are designed to help you create sustainable, healthy and species-appropriate pet food for dogs, cats, rodents, ornamental birds and aquaculture.

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Sustainable premium raw materials

Our products are not genetically modified and are sourced from the circular economy or are regularly checked as part of recognized sustainability systems.

The raw materials we offer are completely deforestation-free and produced in a socially responsible manner.

Animal and vegetable protein sources

With our animal and vegetable protein concentrates as well as yeasts and alternative vegetable protein sources, we mainly offer products of European origin.

» EPC 72

» FPC 60

» JPC 56

» FMR Ω3

» NOAYeast BH

» Blood plasma


Grain-free energy and fiber carriers

Our flax products, fruit and vegetable pomace provide energy-rich, easily digestible omega-3 fatty acids, mucilage, grain-free fiber and health-promoting secondary substances.

» PowerFlax

» GoldFlax

» Apple pomace

» Aronia pomace

» Blackcurrant pomace

» Carrot pomace

» Beetroot pomace

Highly available minerals

Eggshells are a sustainable, highly bioavailable source of calcium and minerals from the circular economy.
Our magnesium oxide is characterized by a light color and a less irritating taste than comparable products.

» OvaShell

» Magnesium Oxide Premium

Prebiotics and bioregulators

Oligofructose, inulin or other selective prebiotic carbohydrates promote a balanced microbiome favorable to the animal. At the same time, resilience to pathogens and faecal consistency are improved.

» Orafti SIPS

» Orafti SIPX

» NoxiFerm


» Carob flour

Phytogenic bioactives

Numerous herbs and essential oils have been proven over thousands of years to have metabolism-stabilizing, antioxidant, health-promoting and anti-inflammatory properties.

» InflaMove

» Cabanin CSD

Successful weaning

Proper feed intake and intestinal function are top priorities after weaning. Animal proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, prebiotics and natural plant bioregulators are important success factors in an attractive, health-promoting feed.


» Blood plasma

» PowerFlax

» NoxiFerm

» Carob flour

Inflammation prophylaxis

Selected plant extracts and polyphenols have anti-inflammatory properties and promote eubiotic intestinal flora. The commensal bacterial population protects the intestinal mucosa and strengthens the immune status.

» InflaMove

» Cabanin CSD

Reduce infection pressure

The young, immature immune system has to deal with pathogens in order to achieve immunocompetence. However, the infection pressure should be reduced by medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), antibacterial plant substances and hygiene measures.

» PhytoMix

» Phyto C12

» Ecocid S

Healthy juvenile development

For early, optimal intestinal development, dog and cat whelps need to be fed only excellently digestible proteins with an ideal amino acid pattern and healthy, easily digestible fats.

Active phytogenic substances can prevent inflammatory changes in the gut and promote eubiotic microflora.

A stable intestinal system helps to master the challenges of the first months of life.

Prevention for senior pets

The nutritional supply of senior pets must be adapted to their age-related needs.

Older cats and dogs often develop skin and coat problems, joint diseases and reduced stress tolerance.

Special raw materials such as highly digestible protein, omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols support the maintenance of good health.

Skin and fur problems

Skin and fur problems are promoted by a lack of essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, zinc and other micronutrients. Egg powder, omega-3 and yeast nutrients can prevent and alleviate symptoms.


» Blood plasma

» PowerFlax

» NOAYeast BH

Joint health

Joint problems can be triggered by a lack of health-relevant micronutrients. Our yeast and flax products are a reservoir of valuable, highly digestible amino acids, organically bound trace elements, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

» NOAYeast BH

» PowerFlax

» Linseed extrudates

Stress tolerance and metabolism relief

High levels of oxidative stress can be caused by digestive problems, infections, heat and physical overload and accelerate inflammatory processes. This is where our patented polyphenol complex with its high antioxidant capacity and booster function for the biological availability of vitamin E comes in.

» Cabanin CSD

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Michael Stückenschneider
Managing Partner

Diploma in biology, the head with the technical know-how in the field, likes to think outside the box and develops solutions for you.

T: +49 (0) 2581-44455

Sandra Heermann
Managing Partner

Diploma in business administration, whether numbers, marketing or organizational matters, she is always on top of things.

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Christof Markfort
Sales & Advisory

Government certified farmer & agricultural economist. In consulting for decades. Got a challenge? He will find the right solution.

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Maren Grothus
Quality Manager

Diploma in agricultural engineering, grew up on a dairy farm, has been part of our team for over 15 years!

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Maria Dunker
Assistant to the Management

Experienced merchant, she ensures that your orders are in the right place at the right time. She also takes care of the bookkeeping, statistical reports and everything else that needs to be done.

T: +49 (0) 2581-44457

Nathalie Niemann
Sales Assistant

A qualified horse farmer, she has been in the saddle since childhood. She supports our sales team with her expertise and is your contact for order processing.

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