Poultry solutions

Nutrition for fattening poultry and laying hens requires consistent optimization to meet their needs at each stage of life.

We are on hand to advise you on the composition of efficient rations for a good start to chick life and to ensure healthy and performance-oriented feeding in the following period.

The right solution for

A successful starting phase

Promoting the early development of chicks is essential for overall productive laying hen husbandry and poultry fattening.

Good performance is the result of good animal health.

Raw materials suitable for young stock

In the starting phase, exclusively highly digestible raw materials are recommended. Risk factors such as indigestible protein, antinutritive factors or biogenic amines are to be avoided.


» JPC56


» Wheat Gluten 82

» FPC 60

» EPC 72

Intestinal development and early growth

Bioactive plant substances and polyphenols increase feed intake, reduce oxidative stress and prevent inflammation. A healthy gut enables high daily weight gains with efficient feed utilization.

» NoxiFerm

» InflaMove

Water hygiene

To reduce the infection pressure and stabilize digestion, we recommend drinking water additives. Our biosecurity concept is based on proven acids and our disinfectant approved for water application.


» ProtectOX DW

» Ecocid S

Strong eggs and higher laying performance

Our eggshell meal is a sustainable source of calcium. When used in layer meal or pecking stones, it significantly increases laying performance and shell quality.
In parallel, we recommend relieving the laying hens’ metabolism.

» OvaShell

» Linseed extrudates

» Cabanin CSD

High laying performance and shell stability

Laying hens have high nutritional requirements. High-quality fats, proteins and an optimum supply of calcium and minerals are essential.

Healthy hens with a balanced metabolism remain productive until the last third of laying.

Metabolism relief

The metabolism of rapidly growing chicken and turkey poults or laying hens has to work hard.

Our prebiotics and natural polyphenol products with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity stabilize bodily functions.

Advantageous intestinal flora

The early development of a beneficial microbiome in chicks and the regeneration of the intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment is significantly improved by prebiotics and secondary plant substances.

» NoxiFerm

» InflaMove

Liver health / sudden cardiac death

Oxidative stress can be a trigger and multiplier of inflammation, liver and cardiovascular problems. Our complex polyphenol concentrate acts as a natural antioxidant and prevents these diseases.

» Cabanin CSD

» ProtectOX DW

Quick help via drinking water

Restlessness in the stall and damp manure can be a first sign of digestive problems, but also of infections or initial heat stress. Our acid products and essential oils provide quick and flexible relief for animals in challenging situations.


» ProtectOX DW

» PhytoMix TW


In poultry farming, bacterial and viral pathogens are a constant challenge. Stall disinfection and drinking water hygiene in combination with certified biocides and acids can prove to reduce the infection pressure.


» Ecocid S

Everyday challenges

Livestock are exposed to many stress factors such as feed changes, vaccinations, temperature changes, capture and transportation.

Preventive measures with acids, polyphenols or essential oils in the drinking water can significantly reduce intestinal disorders and respiratory diseases.

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