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Performance-oriented feeding tailored to physiology is of key importance for ruminant nutrition at every stage.

Early developmental support is essential for a healthy start to calf life in order to have healthy and productive dairy cows and fattening bulls in the long term.

We are in close contact with manufacturers and independent feeding specialists to ensure efficient rations that are also environmentally friendly. You can rely on our sustainable programs!

The right solution for

Higher milk yield

A high milk yield is the goal in dairy farming. In order to achieve this, the animals need a high level of protein available in the small intestine and an optimal energy supply.

With the help of innovative raw materials, we support you in perfecting rumen fermentation.

Bypass fat and protein

Our high-fat and high-protein extrudates based on linseed, rapeseed and soybean meal offer bypass fat or rumen-stable protein (UDP). We will identify the ideal extrudate for you.

» Linseed extrudates

» Rapeseed extrudates

» Special extrudates

Progressive urea

In a specialized extrusion process, urea is complexed in the starch/fat matrix. The release is sequential with rumination and thus optimally matches the rumen physiology. A safe bet for more nXP.

» Special extrudates

Metabolic optimization/bioactives

Plant polyphenols can prevent oxidative stress caused by infections, inflammation or heat. The rumen flora is modulated. This increases the nXP and saves 3 % protein (DM) per cow/day. A contribution to greater sustainability and profitability.

» Cabanin Dairy

Feed hygiene/TMR stabilization

Even optimal rations lose energy through reheating and feed intake may fall due to sensory deviations. Prevent drops in performance with our acids for TMR stabilization.

» NOSICID MouldProtect NC


Feeding in line with development

We coordinate feeding concepts in such a way that intestinal development and the immune system are promoted in the best possible way. Our highly digestible special raw materials such as soy protein concentrate, whole egg powder, omega-3-rich linseed or yeast/fiber combinations add additional health-promoting properties to milk replacer or calf TMR.

» SOYCON fine

» Linseed extrudates

» NOAYeast AF+

Stabilize the immune system

A strong immune system requires a well-functioning intestinal system and healthy airways. Our phytogenic products have proven health-promoting and stabilizing properties and prevent colds and intestinal disorders.

» PhytoMix

» PhytoMix TW

» InflaMove

Promote a healthy microbiome

The gut microbiome has a major influence on animal health, nutrient efficiency and performance. Early prebiotic promotion can establish a eubiotic intestinal flora and make it more difficult for pathogens to colonize.

» NoxiFerm

» InflaMove

Healthy calves

Calves are separated from the cow shortly after birth – the intestines are not yet fully formed at this point.

Sufficient colostrum intake is not always ensured in advance. Performance-reducing intestinal and lung damage can be largely avoided through early prophylaxis.

Highly digestible nutrients and secondary plant substances, pre- and postbiotics to promote a beneficial microbiome are recommended for optimal intestinal development.

Optimum fertility

Fertility is a key factor for the productivity of dairy cows.

Successful insemination and a short calving interval are crucial and are influenced by the cow’s energetic condition, the supply of micronutrients and the hormonal and inflammatory status.

Feed as needed

Fertility problems are favored when cows are mainly fed omega-6 fatty acids from rapeseed and soy or when the body fat percentage is too high. Our omega-3-rich linseed extrudates provide easily digestible fat with fertility-promoting and anti-inflammatory properties.

» Linseed extrudates

Inflammation management

Our phytogenic, polyphenol-rich specialties prevent inflammatory processes and improve protection against oxidative stress. The metabolism is sustainably relieved, resistance is increased and heat stress is prevented.

» Cabanin Dairy

» InflaMove

Prevent respiratory diseases and diarrhea

Infections of the respiratory organs invariably lead to lower performance and can quickly result in diarrhea in calves. Our feed supplements with herbs and essential oils or pectins and electrolytes assist calves, especially in the first critical 100 days.

» PhytoMix

» PhytoMix TW


Feed hygiene and bio safety

Our acids for stabilizing water, milk drinks and TMR increase feed quality and prevent bacterial spoilage and intestinal disorders. Harmful microbial degradation products can trigger inflammatory processes and promote mastitis and hoof problems.

» NOSICID MouldProtect NC


Compensate for stressful situations

Our dry and liquid polyphenol products can be applied quickly and flexibly. Polyphenols reduce oxidative stress caused by infections, inflammation or heat and stabilize the intestinal system and metabolism.

» ProtectOX DW

» Cabanin Dairy

» InflaMove

Stall and claw hygiene

Our universally applicable biocide (Ecocid S) is the all-in-one solution for your bio safety program as well as for claw baths and the disinfection of milking equipment.

» Ecocid S

Everyday challenges

The frequency of claw and udder problems, lung diseases and feed intake in line with requirements are decisive factors for the overall profitability of a cattle herd.

In addition to the best possible hygiene, our innovative feed supplements can be a help that should not be underestimated.

Utilize more of the farm’s own resources

Climate change increases the risk of crop failures and fluctuating nutrient levels in crops.

Volatile prices for oilseed meal jeopardize profitability in particular. Farm-grown grain is therefore becoming increasingly important as a source of protein.

However, the risk of acidosis generally increases at high incorporation rates due to the starch it contains. We have the solution with added value!

Farm-grown grain saves on oilseed meal

Our urea-containing feed supplement for protein enhancement and simultaneous preservation of grain increases its protein content by 6 %. The ammonium bicarbonate produced by fermentation protects against acidosis and preserves the grain.

» XL Progress

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